Share, grow, enhance, oh my.

At Sloggn Gear Company, we see product development as an evolutionary process that involves our designers, manufacturers, and loving consumers to develop the best possible product on the market.  We offer a few programs that allow customers to use our design for single non-commercial usage and also welcome the submission of designs to us to share with our customers. Many of these are programs requiring some advanced knowledge in CAD, manufacturing, or design - ask your kids if you need help.

Open-source program:
We offer the CAD drawings of our work so people can make the product themselves or share files that they have created which might enhance our products. We allow for non-commercial use and if people add products, Sloggn has the right to commercialize them,  but will always share the files.

Partner upgrades:
We allow approved partners to sell upgrades to our range through the site, essentially an Etsy sort of mentality. People can offer custom colors to match vehicle, add on lights, other limited crafted accessories that augment the product, or enhance the Sloggn lifestyle. We will feature products from time to time in our newsletter.

Custom Work:
Depending on the project, we will do custom product development as long it is copacetic with our mission. The design work will be free, but we retain the right to reproduce concept.

Production types:

  • Small Batch (50-150 pieces) – We will use US domestic short runs to test before mass production. This allows us to quickly modify and improve our product based on consumer feedback
  • Medium Batch (150-500) – We will use are preferred high capacity manufacturing partners in China/Vietnam/
  • Mass production (500+) – China/Vietnam/US….


Other production types:
  • One of a kind (1-5) – We will sell fun, one-of-a-kind products to keep our designers engaged
  • Artisan (5-50) – We will allow artisans to make and sell through our site. Think ESTY for category specific products
  • Custom (can be 1-10,000+) – We will do custom work if we think that we can capitalize on it in the future. We won’t charge for design or set up, but retain the rights to the product