Care, Cleaning + Protection

At Sloggn Gear Company we strive to make products that will last a lifetime, not the products lifetime, but your lifetime. To do this we use top quality materials like cold rolled steel and other metals that are affected by nature and require a bit of maintenance, upkeep and the occasional touchup. Below are some tricks and tips to keeping your Sloggn product in top shape:


On occasion, the paint job on your Sloggn metal product may have a chip, ding or rust spot. We use a rolled steel with a PH bath and powder coating, however rust will happen at some-point on all steel product.

Recommended Paint
We recommend cleaning the area with a light grit sand paper to remove the rust and spray it with Rust-Oleum Universal Satin spray paint for a pretty close match (LINK) which is available at  Home Depot, Amazon, Lowe's and many other retailers. 

Rust Reformer
Rust-Oleum Rust Reformer (LINK) is also a great option for parts that are rusty and you don't feel like sanding. Just scrape off any flacks and spray part. Which is available at Home Depot, Amazon, Lowe's and many other retailers. 



  • Rusty Nuts and Bolts
    Over the course of a season (especially winter with salt) nuts and bolts can get a bit rusty and crud. To remedy the problem, we recommend twice a year to clean them. 

    Use Vinegar - Vinegar contains citric and acetic acids which act as great ingredients in removing rust. These acids are particularly useful for the parts that are small and can be soaked, making vinegar an ideal option to clean unsightly rust from the nuts. All you need to do is to take them out, pour the vinegar in a cup and soak accordingly. Leave the bolts for around 24 hours. After soaking, take them out, scrub then with a brush and you should see the rust disintegrate. Once you are done, rinse them with tap water to wash away the residue. Your bolts should now be clean, and the rust gone. In the more unfortunate situations, there may be a little rust left. If so, repeat this process again.

    Use WD-40® to Remove Rust from Nuts and Bolts - If the above method is too time consuming, then try WD-40 Multi-Use. All you need to do is to spray a good amount on the lock nuts and leave them for a few seconds (not minutes, not hours, not days). Then, use a toothbrush to scrub off the rust to clean the lock nuts. Rust be gone!
  • Rusty on Fabric - Rust not only affects the metal and its shape, but it also makes it difficult for us if our clothes or other materials catch its stains as it touches them. In this unlucky situation, try using some lemon juice. Rub the affected area with lemon juice but be careful not to spread the stain any further whilst you do it. Once the stain has loosened up, rinse the clothing material with running water to take out the lemon juice and then launder as usual. If the stain is firm or the fabric is thick, you might want to use some salt along with the lemon juice and then scrub the stain accordingly.

  • Rusty on other surfacesIf the stain is on a material other than a fabric, such as a wall for example, you could rinse it with water and use a brush to loosen it up. Then, simply rinse it again once you are done. What’s more, you can also try some stain removing products commercially available in the supermarket.
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