Ideas, IP, Karma, oh my

Idea Submission:
Sorry no NDA’s. If you have a cool idea you want to see made, submit it and we may make it. If we didn’t have the idea, we may name the product after you, provide credit, and send you some free stuff. This may sound like we don’t care about innovation; the truth is we love it, foster it, and encourage our fans to send ideas. Here comes the however…. We often have the same or similar ideas to the ones sent to us, and we can’t be hobbled by duplicate ideas and royalties. Bottom line, we want to see your idea but aren’t going to sign an NDA and it is unlikely that you will get rich, but you might get Sloggn notoriety, for what it’s worth.

IP (intellectual protection):
We have tons and don’t like to be ripped off, please be kind and come up with your own concepts, inventions and designs. It’s not cool to steal, that’s the deal. If you believe we did wrong, don’t prolong, sing your song, and let us know before too long.