Design philosophy

At Sloggn, we see product development as an evolutionary process that involves our designers, manufacturers, and loving consumers to develop the best possible product on the market. 

We work to create products that evolve with the needs of the consumer and hope to eventually impact product development in such a way that bridges the gap between product, company and consumer. With a focus on anthropological ideology, we view things from an evolutionary perspective and feel that this enhances our ability to better understand humans’ relationship with tools.  Modern day product development often rejects this perspective and emphasizes on the manufacturer as the omniscient producer and the consumer as the passive participant who must modify his or her behavior to conform to the tools. We feel that both the consumer and manufacturer have the ability to move beyond the current system that presumes the best possible product is what is already in the market. This industrial revolution-age mentality served its purpose when choices were limited and feedback was unavailable, but we believe that our current digital age offers the opportunity for true partnership among consumer, manufacturer and designer in product design and development. 

We strongly prescribe to an in-house Evolutionary Product Development philosophy. This model clearly states to the customer that he/she is part of the development process by telling them what version they have purchased and suggesting that theirs is not the final stage of the product but rather a living, evolving being that will improve with their cooperation. The Evolutionary model allows customers to live the process, becoming a part of future successes, creating something bigger and better through collaboration rather than from an insular corporate design and development team. Customers are encouraged to upgrade to newer versions of their product in a manner similar to the current computer software upgrade model. The Evolutionary model will encourage people to “Buy Forward” and view products as growing and improving, rather than static or substandard. 

Beyond the obvious advantage of creating better products, the Evolutionary model provides the additional benefit of creating a customer for life who views him/herself as an extension of the brand.  The philosophy depends upon the company’s commitment to the consumer and its desire to extend itself beyond the first sales cycle. The long-term loss of full margin sales will be reaped multifold in the company’s ability to entitle its customers and provide products that truly meet their needs.

and... well, that is how we see the world.

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