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    Burlington entrepreneur aims to help with the haul
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    Sloggn Gear's modular system brings innovation to vehicle hitches
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  • 6/9/22 - Outdoor Industry News
    Sloggn Gear's Base Deck brings Endless innovation to your vehicle
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Sloggn Gear’s Base Deck System brings innovation
and endless opportunity to your vehicle’s hitch
New modular hitch system offers unmatched level of utility to
suit any outdoor adventure and sporting need.

BURLINGTON, Vermont — 2/22 - Dubbed the “Swiss Army Knife” for your vehicle’s hitch, Sloggn Gear Company is proud to introduce its innovative, multi-function, modular mount system. As a pioneer in the cargo, rack and personal transportation industry, Sloggn’s newest product is a must-have for anyone looking to get outdoors with ease.

Designed with outdoor adventure and sporting in mind, the Base Deck System allows users to attach a limitless number of modular units to their vehicle.  From camping to biking, to skiing, to the beach and beyond, this one-of-a-kind system has the adaptability and versatility to take outdoor enthusiasts wherever they want to go.

The Base Deck integrates with both 1.25” and 2” hitches and adjusts to fit a wide range of vehicle heights and tailgate swings. That means sedans, station wagons, SUVs and some trucks are all perfect candidates for this must-have upgrade.

The quick connect mounting system currently offers 5 add-ons, a horizontal Ski Kit, a Bike Kit, a Recovery Board Mounting Kit, a Yeti Cooler Kit and a Tie Down Kit, which can be used with a variety of products including RTIC and Coleman coolers. 

The current system is designed specifically to work with Slogan Kits, however Sloggn is taking a groundbreaking approach to making sure their product offers exactly what consumers demand. 

Its Open-Source Innovation Initiative provides user templates for many of the kits, allowing innovative builders to expand on the system based on their individual wants and needs.  

“At Sloggn, we believe that true innovation is developed through a deep connection and understanding of our consumer needs,” said Sloggn’s Principal and Head of Design + Innovation Kitter Spater.  “For this reason, we look to create a continuous innovative loop, and strive to constantly evolve our designs, offerings and quality.”

Kitter is available to discuss this revolutionary system, Sloggn’s Open-Source Innovation Initiative, the state of the personal transportation industry, and how consumers around the world can benefit from the convenience this system offers.  

See below for detailed attachment product overviews.


Base Deck

The Base Deck is the perfect platform to start any adventure. However, as your adventures change, so do your needs. With multiple attachments to provide endless opportunities, the Sloggn Base Deck system is your perfect carrying utility tool.


Base Deck Yeti Cooler Kit

The Yeti Cooler Kit with the Base Deck combo system is the perfect platform to start any adventure and free up valuable space in your vehicle. The unique design attaches to the rear hitch so the tail gate can open.  This is a must-have for tailgating, camping, grocery shopping, or any outing where cold storage is a plus. 

The Yeti Cooler Kit works with any Yeti Tundra 35 or 45 hard cooler. The patent pending design creates a secure connection with the cooler using the Yeti Anchorpoint™ TieDown Slots.   


Base Deck Ski/Board Kit

The Ski Kit with the Base Deck combo system is the perfect tool to help you hit the slopes faster and easier. You can horizontally mount up to 4 pairs of skis with poles, or two snow boards right on the back of your vehicle. The patent-pending design allows for easy access, frees up valuable space inside your car and avoids the hassles of trying to retrieve equipment from the top of your vehicle. You can even use the platform as a seat to put on your boots, or simply take a moment to breathe in that cool mountain air once the equipment is removed. 


About Sloggn Gear Company

 Although a relative newcomer in the industry, Sloggn is already known as an innovator in the rack, cargo, and personal transportation industry. Sloggn Gear is known to create top quality products that are rugged and dependable. Coupled with its 100% KARE Warranty (Kick Ass Remedy Experience), Repair + Replace Program, Upgrade as We Grow, and Open-Source Innovation Initiative, Sloggn is geared to make up some serious ground. Sloggn Gear Company is headquartered in Burlington, Vermont. For more information, visit and follow Sloggn on social media: Instagram: Facebook: