About Sloggn® Gear Company

Kitter SpaterSloggn Gear Company was founded in 2020 by Kitter Spater (that’s me) with the mission of creating innovative, simple to use tools, that make getting out and enjoying outdoor adventures easier.

The idea of Sloggn Gear Company has been formed over a lifetime of dreading packing, unpacking and repacking the car with gear to get from point A to B. As a child growing up in Vermont, we would take an annual summer pilgrimage to Maine for a week’s vacation. While I have fond memories of these family trips, I also remember the hassle associated with getting everything into the car. As a parent of two daughters and a few dogs, I am reliving this experience as an adult. For this reason, I am continually looking for new and innovative ways to make getting ready for a trip easier and less stressful. The fun is the round trip and adventure at the other end, the packing is just something we do to get there.

Using my design background, I took my ideas from sketch to shop. The end result was just what my family needed, and what Sloggn now appropriately calls the Base Deck™, the literal platform that is the basis for a modular set of travel solutions.

Since then, I have worked hard to develop a personable company that makes the very best travel gear. We are constantly constructing and testing new ideas that we pull from our real-life needs, while we continue to test, weld, cut, and mold prototypes through the design process. We know our products are the best because we use them every day. As Sloggn has grown, we keep our design process and general mission the same- to create great products that make traveling and getting out easy, the way it should be. Bring on the adventure®.