Townie Ski Kit
Hitch mount ski rack
Hitch mount ski and snowboard rack
Townie Ski Kit
Townie Ski Kit
Hitch mount ski rack

Townie Ski Kit

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The Townie Ski Kit is the perfect platform to start any adventure and hit the slopes faster and with ease. The Ski Kit allows you to horizontally mount up to 4 pairs of skis (depending on width of skis) with poles or two snow boards on the back of your car. The unique design avoids the hassles associated with taking up the entire back of your car or awkwardly trying to retrieve equipment from the top of your vehicle. The patent- pending design allows for easy access to your equipment, without taking up the entire trunk area. An added bonus feature is, when the equipment is removed there is a platform to sit and put on your boots.

For longer trips or during messy road conditions we recommend using Ski Slips with the Townie Ski Kit to protect your equipment from road grime, salt and water.

The Ski Kit + Base Deck combo includes everything that comes with the Base Deck, along with the Ski Kit attachment.

The combo can be used with a 1.25” or 2" receiver. The 4mm stamped plate steel is engineered to allow for multiple kits to be added to meet your adventure needs.


  • Easy to reach equipment
  • Allows for trunk access
  • No reaching on top of car and getting dirty
  • Clears up trunk space


  • Holds up to 4 pairs of skis and poles OR 2 snowboards
  • Easy to install
  • Allows for hatchback access
  • Works with 1.25 or 2 inch receiver
  • Includes the Sloggn 5-in-1 Deck Wrench
  • Powder coated rust-resistant design
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Base Deck also works with Yeti Cooler Kit and future adventure kits (sold separately)


Common Questions:
Q: Salt and Grime on my skis and bindings:

A: We recommend at the end of the trip, wipe down and dry off your skis to get rid of water, salt, and other crud before storing/skiing. If you are using the Ski Kit for a long road trip, where the skis will be exposed for extended times, we recommend using Sloggn Ski Slips and or the Flip-Up Hinge