Installing a Trailer Hitch

Question: What is the average cost to install a trailer Hitch:

Answer: Uhaul, for instance, can set up trailer hitches on any make and model of the car. They will include the parts, circuitry, and even a service warranty in the final bill. The costs will differ depending on the make and design of the vehicle; however, it appears most cars and trucks can have a hitch installed for anywhere from $250 to $400.

Example in Burlington, Vermont:

2021 Toyota Rav 4 Hybrid
Product Subtotal:        $231.90
Installation Fee:          $135.00

Total:                          $382.44

2017 Jeep Grande Cherokee
Product Subtotal:        $214.90
Installation Fee:          $135.00

Total:                          $349.90

Question: What is the Cost to install a trailer hitch yourself:

Answer: Installing a hitch on most vehicles is straight forward and only involves the use of common tools. If you were to install it by yourself, you will have to consider buying the following parts: the hitch receiver, and the electrical wiring. A hitch receiver, depending upon the limit weight and part, can cost about $125 to $325, and circuitry sets, depending upon the make and model will be $50 – $75. To install it by yourself, it may cost from $175 to $400 in parts.

Each hitch kit can fit a different make and design, so it is important to know which set is going to fit your car. If it is not meant for your car make and model, you might stumble upon some issues or cause damage to your vehicle. If you do not know what sort of hitch you are going to need, consult a mechanic or uhual

You should always know just how much your vehicle can tow before pulling anything. If your automobile, SUV, or truck is not capable of pulling the needed amount of weight, you might learn that you can do a lot more damage than you think. You can usually see the amount of weight, also known as Tongue Weight and Gross Trailer Weight, that it can pull on the vehicle’s official site or inside the vehicle’s handbook.

How hard and how much time does it take to install a hitch yourself:

Answer: This is a somewhat simple task if you are somewhat handy and usually takes less than an hour. Most kits will come with in-depth directions that are simple to understand and follow.

You should try to avoid the local dealers and all costs and think about going to a local mechanic or Uhaul place. From what we were able to find online, lots of car dealerships will charge a lot more than a local place such as U-haul.

 Does a Hitch Mount reduce the value of a vehicle:

Answer: If installed correctly, according to the manufactures recommendation, a hitch will not reduce the value of a vehicle and may actually increase the desirability at resale 

What are the advantages of a Hitch Mount rack compared to a roof mount?

Answer: Both rack systems have advantages and disadvantages. A roof rack generally will allow you to carry longer items such as paddle boards and kayaks. However, for smaller and heavier items a trailer hitch is much easier to access and reach. Often allowing you to essentially extend the functioning utility of your car and the interior space. Another distinct advantage of a hitch mount rack is the ability to park in most public and private garages. Most vehicles would be restricted by the height of the garage.




  • It’s good to know that installing a hitch is pretty straightforward. I want to get a hitch to attach my trailer. I’ll need to stop at an auto shop to do that.

    Eve Mitchell
  • It’s good to know that installing a hitch is pretty straightforward. I want to get a hitch to attach my trailer. I’ll need to stop at an auto shop to do that.

    Eve Mitchell

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