A Cooler Cooler - Keep your cooler cold longer

There are a few things you can do to make ice last longer in your YETI, RTIC, Goatbox, Pelican, Orca cooler:
  1. Pre-chill the cooler (and beer + veggies(veggies are dumb)): Before you put any ice in the cooler, pre-chill it by storing it in a cool place for a few hours. This will help to keep the cooler cold and reduce the amount of ice that melts.
  1. Use block ice or cooler packs instead of cubed ice: They take longer to melt than cubed ice, so it will keep your cooler colder for longer.
  2. Pack the cooler tightly: Make sure there is as little empty space in the cooler as possible. This will reduce the amount of air in the cooler, which can cause the ice to melt faster.
  3. Keep the cooler in a cool place or shade: Try to keep the cooler out of direct sunlight and in a cool, shaded area. This will help to keep the cooler and its contents colder. Light colored coolers also reduce the heat absorption.
  4. Don't open the cooler more than necessary: Every time you open the cooler, warm air is let in and cold air is let out. This can cause the ice to melt faster, so only open the cooler when you need to (this gave me flashbacks of my father yelling at me "close the GD refrigerator").

Have fun, be safe and bring on the adventure.

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